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Axie Infinity Adventure Guide: Level Up With EXP Farming and SLP (2023)

December 20, 2022 - 7 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Leveling Up In Axie Infinity

Despite a major decline in players and a significant fall in the game’s native AXS token, Axie Infinity has remained one of the most popular blockchain-based games on the market today. As of November 2022, the game had nearly 700,000 active monthly players, making it quite popular, but not nearly as popular as it once was; the game peaked in January 2022 with more than 2.7 million active monthly players). The game, partially inspired by Pokemon, is focused on battling and leveling up creatures called Axies, each of which is an individual NFT that can be purchased and sold on the open market. 

Axie Infinity has become especially popular in the Philippines, where thousands of individuals have quit their full-time jobs in order to play the game professionally, though this trend seems to be reversing with the decreasing popularity of the game and the lackluster performance of the AXS token. In addition, many have recently criticized the game for being boring and monotonous, so, while Axie Infinity remains popular, its long-term future and sustainability are certainly in question. 

Adventure Mode vs. Arena Mode in Axie Infinity 

There are two game modes in Axie Infinity, Player Versus Environment (PVE) and Player Versus Player (PVP). In the Player vs. Environment mode, also known as Adventure Mode, players use their Axies to fight against monsters to gain experience (EXP) and level up. 

Adventure Mode currently has 36 stages. Winning in each stage will allow players to level up their Axies and earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axie Infinity’s in-game cryptocurrency. The higher level a player’s Axies are, the more EXP they will be rewarded with per battle. Both Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and the game’s other token, Axie Infinity (AXS) can be traded on the open market and swapped for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. 

Axie comes in seasons, and in each new season, new rules and guidelines are issued regarding how the game is played. Currently, players can only earn 50 SLP per day in Adventure Mode. Fortunately, energy is not needed when farming SLP in Adventure Mode.

While Adventure Mode allows players to fight monsters to level up their Axies and earn SLP, Arena Mode is focused on battling other players. As of recent changes to the game, Arena mode now offers three separate sub-modes; Practice Mode, Ranked Mode, and Tournament Mode. Tournament Mode is yet to be launched, so we don’t know much about it yet. 

Axie Infinity Arena Mode. 

Practice Mode allows players to practice without losing stars or demoting their rank. In essence, this allows players to test different Axies, combos, and runes/charms without the pressure of needing to win to maintain their standing. 

Ranked Mode uses the same battle system as Practice Mode, however, it uses a  ranking system to measure each player’s skill. As players win, they can achieve various ranks. There are currently eight ranks with four tiers for each rank. 

When a player wins a battle in Ranked Mode, they can earn Victory Stars, a certain amount of which they will need to reach the next tier.

The current Ranked Mode ranking system tiers are: 

RankStars Per TierBonus

If a player reaches the rank of Dragon I or higher, they will be entered into the Challenger Sphere. At this point, the player’s name will appear on the game’s leaderboards, allowing them to battle against other higher-ranking players.

In the Challenger Sphere, players are not organized into Tiers. Instead, they are ranked by the number of Victory Stars they collect in the Challenger Sphere.

How Stages and Enemies Work in Axie Adventure Mode

Each adventure has a specific number of stages that a player must complete before winning. When a player starts an adventure, they can see the name of the ruin that they are playing and a bar below it. The dots on the bar represent the number of stages a player will need to complete. 

On the lower left side of the screen, the game interface shows the types of enemies a player will fight. On the right side of the energy types, the display shows the number of enemies a player will need to fight before finishing the level. 

How Axie Infinity’s One-Time SLP Rewards Work

In addition to fighting traditional enemies, Axie Infinity’s adventure mode does have two specific ruins which allow players to fight special boss monsters that provide one-time SLP rewards. These currently include Ruin 21, which provides a 200 SLP reward, and Ruin 36, which provides a 300 SLP reward. 

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

When playing Axie Infinity, players need energy to battle in both Adventure and Arena modes. One battle consumes one energy. Players start with a maximum pool of 20 energy, which is replenished at a rate of five energy per each six-hour period. Entering an Adventure Battle currently requires 1 energy. 

If they don’t have energy, a player cannot battle, so they won’t be able to earn experience in Adventure mode or SLP in Arena mode, conversely, the more energy a player has, the more they can battle to earn and level up their Axies. 

Since a player can only devote so much time to the game, they’ll want to earn as much experience as possible in as little time as possible. However, this isn’t always easy, as players generally have to guess as to which levels provide the most experience. Players will lose energy on lost rounds, so it’s also important for players to attempt only to play levels that they are unlikely to lose. 

While we mentioned that players start with 20 energy and replenish it at a rate of five energy per each six-hour period, players get more energy and a faster recharge rate the more Axies they own. 

  • 3-9 Axies: 20 energy/day; 5 energy refills every 6 hours.
  • 10-19 Axies: 40 energy/day; 5 energy refills every 3 hours.
  • 20 Axies+: 60 energy/day; 5 energy refills every 2 hours.

Starting With Adventure Mode or Arena Mode and EXP Farming 

Many players may wonder whether it’s best to start leveling up their Axies in Adventure Mode, or whether it might be better to directly start battling other players in Arena Mode. 

While there are benefits to both options, many experienced players would suggest that it’s far better to use Adventure Mode to level up a player’s Axies in their initial few weeks of play. This methodical way of gaining experience is referred to as EXP farming. 

By starting in Adventure Mode, players can be more competitive and rank higher when they start battling other players in Arena Mode. This is also because the lower levels of Adventure Mode only provide a little SLP, so by leveling up, a player can earn faster. 

Here are the SLP rewards you get from Adventure Mode for each level bracket:

Axie Level SLP Reward Per Win 
Level 1 – 41
Level 5 – 92
Level 10 – 144
Level 15 – 166
Level 17 – 205-10
Level 21 – 3610-20

Once a player reaches the level where they can earn 10-20 SLP per win, they can typically earn at least 50 SLP per hour. Boss Level rewards can also provide bonuses that players can achieve while leveling up. 

Experience Gained Per Adventure Mode Level 

Below, we show the experience (EXP) you can gain on each level. While some think that higher levels are better for quickly increasing a player’s experience, this isn’t always the case, and lower levels may actually be more effective. There are currently 36 levels, each of which is more difficult than the next. As previously mentioned, players can currently only gain 50 SLP per day in Adventure Mode. 

Axie Infinity LevelSLP GainedEXP Gained
Level 11 SLP51 EXP
Level 21 SLP59 EXP
Level 31 SLP111 EXP
Level 41 SLP118 EXP
Level 52 SLP141 EXP
Level 62 SLP199 EXP
Level 72 SLP256 EXP
Level 82 SLP237 EXP
Level 92 SLP282 EXP
Level 104 SLP300 EXP
Level 114 SLP344 EXP
Level 124 SLP429 EXP
Level 134 SLP378 EXP
Level 144 SLP347 EXP
Level 155-15 SLP358 EXP
Level 165-15 SLP402 EXP
Level 175-15 SLP367 EXP
Level 185-15 SLP446 EXP
Level 195-15 SLP434 EXP
Level 205-20 SLP401 EXP
Level 215-20 SLP644 EXP
Level 225-20 SLP449 EXP
Level 235-20 SLP618 EXP
Level 245-20 SLP582 EXP
Level 255-20 SLP618 EXP
Level 265-20 SLP797 EXP
Level 275-20 SLP735 EXP
Level 285-20 SLP759 EXP
Level 295-20 SLP800 EXP
Level 305-20 SLP1209 EXP
Level 315-20 SLP810 EXP
Level 325-20 SLP724 EXP
Level 335-20 SLP891 EXP
Level 345-20 SLPUnknown
Level 355-20 SLP805 EXP
Level 365-20 SLP820 EXP

In Conclusion: Axie Adventure Mode Is Great For Beginners 

As previously mentioned, starting your Axie Infinity adventure with Adventure Mode can be extremely advantageous if you want to use your finite energy supply to farm the most EXP and get the most Smooth Love Potion (SLP). As you gain EXP, battling in Arena Mode will be more profitable (and perhaps more fun). Things often change in Axie Infinity as they release new updates, so continue to do your research as you determine your ultimate Axie strategy. 


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