Supra launches DORA ‘Pull’ price feeds on Polygon PoS

January 26, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra’s DORA boosts data precision and reliability for dApps on Polygon PoS

We are thrilled to announce the integration of the DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds on Polygon PoS blockchain. This revolutionizes the way dApps on the Polygon PoS Network access and utilize data.

The DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds offer real-time, accurate pricing data, ensuring that dApps on the Polygon PoS Network operate with the most current and reliable information available. This advances data accuracy and fosters a more reliable and efficient ecosystem for developers and users.

Supra Offers Advanced Oracle Solutions

Supra’s DORA (Distributed Oracle Agreement) is a groundbreaking system in Oracle networks designed to integrate off-chain data into blockchain systems efficiently. It solves the distributed agreement problem by forming coherent clusters of values from different nodes, enabling it to operate efficiently with a simple majority of honest nodes. 

DORA connects Web2 data sources to blockchains, enhancing the functionality of smart contracts. It ensures data integrity by requiring nodes to collect feeds from multiple, possibly compromised sources and confirm their honesty. 

In addition, DORA actively boosts smart contracts and Web3 reliability by emphasizing node consensus, termination, agreement, and validity. It seamlessly enhances security and efficiency within Moonshot consensus and the distributed Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Supra’s HyperNova initiative continues to advance its technological progress.

DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds Integrated with Polygon PoS

Polygon PoS has emerged as a crucial platform for scaling Ethereum’s infrastructure. Its robust framework resolves critical issues like transaction speed and high costs, which are pivotal for the efficient functioning of modern dApps. 

Polygon PoS provides a solution for fast, cost-efficient transactions with full EVM compatibility, creating an ideal environment for Ethereum developers and applications. Moreover, the ease of transition for Ethereum developers to Polygon PoS is a significant advantage. 

The seamless transition to Polygon RPC and familiar tools allows developers to leverage the enhanced network capabilities of Polygon PoS easily within a comfortable environment. Moreover, Supra’s DORA now provides secure, on-demand Oracle price feeds for Polygon PoS blockchain smart contracts, increasing flexibility and reducing on-chain interaction costs.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra is a leader in Oracle services, enhancing both the functionality and security of blockchain applications. With a toolkit supported by comprehensive guides and whitepapers, Supra improves app performance and simplifies integration. 

Furthermore, Supra is broadening its presence in diverse blockchain ecosystems, heralding a period of exciting and innovative developments. Join this groundbreaking evolution.

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