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SupraOracles signs commitments with 4 Web3 companies

January 20, 2023 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is delighted to announce partnerships with Web3 leaders in creator economies, GameFi, decentralization, and meet-to-earn SocialFi platforms. This week, SupraOracles partners with TeaDAO, MTMS, GateGame, and Bartr World.


  • TeaDAO, a protocol for the Metaverse Reserve Currency, aims to address the lack of liquidity in NFT markets.
  • The SENTRY tool, launched by TeaDAO, facilitates the expansion of the GameFi markets by promoting the reach of the entire ecosystem.
  • By integrating with SupraOracles, TeaDAO can offer GameFi projects a secure, cutting-edge oracle solution that bridges data between blockchains using their NFT-as-Bonding-Assets for efficient interoperability.
  • Incorporating SupraOracles into the TeaDAO ecosystem will pave the way for GameFi’s overall progression towards intrinsic interoperability.
  • SupraOracles will push the boundaries of GameFi liquidity due to the functionality that cross-chain oracles provide via implementing blockchain-agnostic, interoperable smart contracts.


  • MTMS Network is a platform for holding virtual meetings using blockchain economics.
  • Users earn MTMS tokens by participating in MTMS virtual meetings and encouraging others to share their expertise online.
  • Supra offers a solution for a new generation of cross-chain oracles, providing MTMS Network with better, more accurate, and more secure off-chain data, allowing their smart contracts and apps to function more effectively.
  • MTMS network will also utilize Supra’s RNG services to create the world’s most effective meet-to-earn platform.
  • SupraOracles will be responsible for maintaining blockchain bridges for MTMS, improving cross-chain communications, and securing incoming off-chain data for on-chain functionality.


  • GateGame facilitates the conversion of conventional games into NFT Games via its novel protocol.
  • GateGame provides a listing and distribution service for NFT Games to players, as well as assistance to players and KOLs in maximizing their earnings from NFT games.
  • SupraOracles will provide oracle services for GateGame’s metadata to ensure security and transparency as their NFT items are upgraded, combined, and split based on the game’s logic.
  • GateGame will benefit from SupraOracles’ solid market reputation, in-depth familiarity with the oracle ecosystem, and significant technical knowledge.

Bartr World:

  • Bartr is a crypto-economic “fat protocol” operating system that provides borderless, global, and free connectivity services for anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • With the help of the Bartr Solution, based on DLT, telecom network operators can abandon captive, trust-based, and centralized revenue models.
  • Bartr also permits real-time, user-agnostic pricing at the level of micropayments.
  • The Bartr Protocol and Layr Tokens are changing how users, telecom networks, and their data interact to meet the rising global demand for borderless telecommunications.
  • SupraOracles will supply Bartr World with the oracle toolkits and secure data sources necessary for the company’s continued expansion in the global telecommunications market.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to connect traditional capital markets with Web3 ecosystems. We are giving developers a revolutionary set of oracle tools and VRF/RNG services that will make it easy for them to build, deploy, and manage data applications that are fast, reliable, and flexible.

With the help of our research team, developer community, and an increasing number of partners, we want to solve the oracle dilemma and power the future of finance by laying the foundations of its infrastructure.

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