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Welcome to the Starship Supra


Welcome to the Starship Supra
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From Beta Test to Officially Blasting Off

February 7, 2023

From a goal of 50k Cadets to 1M Cadets, a lot is changing around here from what you saw during the beta test stage and what you’ll see in the official launch. Bigger vision. Higher goals. Revamped ranking and Star systems. New ways to earn $SUPRA tokens. And if you’re a beta test Cadet — we’re making sure you get rewarded. There’s a lot to unpack as we move to launch Countdown to Blast Off.

Read the blog post about the move from beta to the official launch.

July 19, 2023

The airdrop is going at full throttle so far, we're just shifting a few gears to make it even better for you. More exclusive. Easier to rank up. Easier to win and claim your prizes. Just a few tweaks to make Blast Off a better experience for everyone.

Read about the updates in the full announcement.