Decentralised VRF (dVRF)

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On-chain and off-chain applications connected to gaming, lottery, and sampling rely heavily on entropy. It could be a dynamic NFT mint, loot boxes, random opponent pairing, randomized spawn environments, an in-game item upgrade, a lottery, or a selection of contributors for an IDO. Randomness in applications is supposed to ensure fair and equal possibilities for participants. Random Number Generation (RNG) has to be unbiased and tamper-proof to be deemed fair. In other words, the process can't be manipulated by any participant, and the randomness that was generated is immutably and publicly verifiable thereafter.

Blockchain-based verifiable random functions (VRFs) enable the generation of numbers that are as good as random (pseudorandom) and can be (publicly) verified on-chain. Pseudorandomness guarantees both unpredictability and fairness in RNG, whereas tamper-proofness is demonstrated by via transparency inherent to their immutable on-chain records and verifiability.

Supra dVRF

Supra’s dVRF can provide the exact properties required for a random number generator (RNG) to be fair with tamper-proof, unbiased, and cryptographically verifiable random numbers to be employed by smart contracts.

Unbiased and Unpredictable - The threshold signature of the nonce, client-provided input, and blockhash of the transaction that requests the randomness (which is unknown at the time of request) is used as the seed for the RNG function.

Tamper Proof and Verifiable - Cryptographic proof will be provided to verify that random numbers were generated and communicated with the highest fidelity.

Supra VRF Architecture

Available Networks

Please refer to the Available Networks page for the networks supported.

Accessing Supra dVRF

Supra VRF V2 comes with a subscription model where a user can manage their own gas expenses for multiple consumer smart contracts.

In order to get whitelisted, please send us a request via this form, and our team will whitelist you shortly. Meanwhile, you can go through a detailed explanation of the subscription model to learn more about it.

Please refer to the VRF Developer Guide for a step-by-step explanation of how to consume Supra’s dVRF services.

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