Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP)

Apply for exclusive entry into the Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) for up to two years worth of subsidized and heavily discounted pull-push oracle and VRF/RNG services.

Supra is pushing the limits for institutional-grade data feeds, providing developers with low-latency, high-throughput oracles that deliver data to smart contracts directly from the faucet. Every project deserves a jump start, without worrying about optimizing data performance, or the risks and costs associated with slippage or catastrophic losses resulting from stale data.

The Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) offers companies discounted Oracle credits, technical documentation, and customer support to embed much-needed oracles and VRF/RNG. SNAP supports Web3 scaling and growth to buffer costs which could typically inhibit a company’s success.

The SNAP program is partnered with some of Web3's most prolific names who are helping with project selection and qualification.

Click here to register for SNAP now!

Important: Please make sure you read and understand Terms of Use before start using Supra products and services.

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